“Happy Birth Day Leo”

We had Our little boy Leo Edwin Philip on 22nd August and we absolutely adore him!
We wanted to thank you so much for guiding us through the HynoBirthing® course, it really did have such a positive impact on our experience.

Although we didn’t have the straight forward birth we had hoped for; we are adamant that had it not been for our HypnoBirthing® experience it would not have been as successful as it was. We both feel that despite the catalogue of events that unfolded (and were out of our control) we were calm and alert and able to make decisions with clarity of thought - this was down to the calming effect of the breathing techniques, music and belief that we were parents not patients during Leo’s birth.

We would also credit HynopBirthing® with the fact that Leo, despite showing signs of distress during birthing, was born very alert and healthy, achieving an apgar score of 9 immediately. The doctor that helped us commented ‘you have a real warrior here’ due to Leo’s alertness and strength. Leo is a very calm baby and continues to feed well as he did only an hour after he was born.

We feel that whilst the ideal is to have a short, straightforward birth, when things take a turn HypnoBirthing® allows you to stay calm and alert and cope with decisions as they arise. We are so glad we did the course with Annie and look forward to returning to complete a refresher course in the future.

Simon and Camilla xx