Hendrix is here!!!

Hi Annie

I hope you are well and have a new batch of keen students!!!

The great news is our son, Hendrix, was born at 7.48am this morning at home. He weighs 9lb and 1oz.

Becky was tremendous throughout – approx 12 hour labour. She didn’t take any pain relief and applied her Hypnobirthing techniques, which we are both certain helped us get so much from the experience beyond the stigma of what most people describe the experience to be like!!

Thanks for your help and knowledge along the way, we both got a lot of calm and confidence from our lessons. Here’s a few images for you and I look forward to seeing you in the new year: Tom.

Hello Tom and Becky…and Hendrix!!!

Massive congratulations to you both. Am thrilled to bits for you.

Well done!!! A first birth, a home birth ,a hypnobirth!!! Team Tom should be so proud. Annie xx