Horizontal HypnoBirthing Babies!!!

Lots and lots of contented happy babies, and relaxed mamas and papas.

That’s what I saw when we had our HypnoBirthing® coffee morning.

And Ursula who came to help sent me this kind e.mail ;

WOW,  love your blog.  you are soooo good at writing blogs. Thank you for mentioning me and my website, very kind of you, but I am sure I do not deserve such an accolade. The mamas do, they certainly had confidence and relaxation all wrapped up, and as for all those cute contented babies breast feeding away happily, it speaks volumes about the midwife and mentor who taught them!! Fantastic :-) xxx

Thank you – all I do is set the scene. It’s all the mamas and papas who deserve the praise. And the stars of the day – why it’s the babies of course! Aaaahhhhhh!!!