Hypnobirthing works!!!

Hi Annie

It’s Michella and Liam here!

We attended your classes in September.

Really sorry in delay of letting you know been so busy with new baby and moving house! We had a little baby boy, on the 12th Jan, called Kalen, weighed a whopping 9lb! He’s doing great.
I had an amazing labour, all at the local birth centre, in a birthing pool without any pain relief! I got through 13 hours of labour by just calm breathing.Such a turn around from Ruby Maes birth!


We just want to Thank you for what you taught us. Really didn’t believe it could work!

Massive thanks

Liam, Michella, Ruby-Mae and baby Kalen

Congratulations on the safe arrival of Kalen-thank you for all your commitment when I know you were so busy with Ruby Mae. Am so happy for you. A xx