In the family!!

This is what Kate said after she had an amazing HypnoBirth® in a water pool at the local maternity.

“It was a really wonderful birth, and I can’t thank you enough.Your sessions were so welcoming and friendly and you made us feel so at ease from the moment we walked into your house.

As each week passed, we grew more confident with the techniques so that when I went into labour, the relaxation came so naturally and effortlessly.

I also feel as though the whole journey with David has made us even closer as a couple, and it was so lovely having him so involved, I really couldn’t have done it without him!”


And this is what Kate said about her twin sister ┬áHannah when her baby was born so soon after Kate’s little girl..

“The birth was such a wonderful experience.

She was so incredibly calm and relaxed through out the whole labour and breathed him out beautifully without any pain relief!!

Matt was an absolute superstar too!!”


Lots of champagne and congratulations to my total HypnoBirthing® Family.

Am over the moon for you all..and how similar your babies look!!! It was such a pleasure meeting you. Annie xxx