Isaac – our beautiful HypnoBirthing baby!

 I gave birth to a beautiful HypnoBirthing® baby boy on Tuesday 10th January at 2.59pm. We have called him Isaac William Jones and he was 8lbs 1oz.  Levin put on the music and the scene was set. We had photos of Eva plastering the dining room walls, fairy lights, flowers, a big red balloon and of course the blossoming rose on the wall !! Levin got straight to work on the light touch massage and the birthing prompts. The Midwives were in awe of us both and the way we coped with the labour and said that I was incredibly calm. Altogether, the experience was just as I had hoped thanks to your HypnoBirthing® sessions so thank-you VERY VERY much for everything you taught us! I would recommend HypnoBirthing® to any mother-to-be. I would also recommend a home water birth.
Chloe, Levin, Eva and baby Isaac x