Jacob is here!

Hi Annie, we’d like to introduce you to baby Jacob, born on his due date on Thursday night, weighing in at 7lb 11oz.

Jacob was born in the pool at PRH with Laura needing only gas and air to help with his delivery. We have no doubt that the techniques we learned with you helped Laura go so long without needing anything and also with her rhythm when she was on the gas and air.

Our midwife said she wished she had a student with her to witness how Laura coped, which I think speaks volumes.

It was also nice to see how interested the midwives were in hypnobirthing; the mood board was of particular interest.

Jacob is a very content little boy who has already stolen our hearts.

Thank you so much for all your help in preparing us for this adventure.

See you for the reunion!

Laura, Dave & Jacob Burrows xxx

Dear Dave , Laura and Jacob-oohh such wonderful words!

Lots and lots of congratulations on the wonderful birth of your son.

I am SO proud of you both!!

A massive Well Done!! All I do is set the scene.

I love the photo of Jacob-he is so beautiful No wonder he has stolen your hearts.

Take each day slowly and just breathe Jacob in.

When all the babies are here we will catch up,

So happy for you!!

Annie xxx