Lara Elizabeth is here!!

Hello Lovely Annie

I have a story to tell you, be comfortable and bear with me!

I have preeclampsia and I am going to have a c.section.

We went to theatre at 9am Monday morning, I was positive, laughing and joking as I was so excited to meet our baby girl. I had a long, hot shower that morning and talked to her about our excitement and about all the lovely things we are going to do and about her new family.

Our beautiful Daughter Lara Elizabeth Yapp was born in just under 15 mins. She came out into the world with a little bleat and a cry, I cry now thinking about that first sound, such music to my ears! She was wrapped up as she was cold and given straight to Alan who held her close to my neck and face….. I remembered to smell her, although I did exclaim that she looked a bit mouldy!!

Annie, I have never felt love like it, everyone says so, you told us over and over but I felt fit to burst just looking at Alan holding Lara so close and the look on his face is a memory I’ll never ever forget.

Again, Thank you Annie. Hypno breathing is just as perfect for a cesarean as it is for a ‘normal’ birth. I just need to thank you from all of my heart for sharing with Alan and I the hypno breathing technique. I’m sure people deliver it very well all over the country, but you Annie are so special, your enthusiasm, knowledge and belief in us has really given me the confidence and determination to have the birth I want.As a result I am much calmer and when I’m not calm, I now have the ability to be so.

As I lie in bed typing away to you my amazing husband lies next to me snoring and our beautiful daughter is lying in her crib snuffling and staring up at me, she’s fed…. Almost winded…. She’s not one for burping it all out yet!  I know that my Life is wonderful.

Lindsey xxx

Lindsey and Alan. Lots and lots of congratulations. So happy for you and proud of you!!!  You are FAB!!  Annie xx