Lorien May has arrived!!!

Hi Annie!

Hope you’re ok.

Just an update I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (knew it) on Monday morning 2.20 am!

Despite your warnings we totally underestimated how quick she was going to come!

It was an amazing controlled experience. Ollie was so confident too because I was. He has been really proud of us both.

So baby Lorien May Hill  (pronounced Lorry-en) 8lb 9oz.

Thank you so much for everything you did for us. Hypnobirthing helped me heal so much from my last birth and gave me the confidence to manage any situation I was faced with, with this birth.

Lorien is a delight. So calm and content. I’m in love all over again.

Here attached are some photos of my birth space and of course the star herself.

Happy for my story to be shared with anyone you need too.

Lots of love

Sadie, oliver, Jesse and Lorien.

Massive congratulations to you all. Your e-mail made my heart sing. So happy for you!!!

Annie xx