Makes you want to smile all day.

Hi Annie

Just to let you know we welcomed Arabella Olivia Grace Thomas on the 23 June.

After a speedy 6 hour labour – partly in the pool at the MLU, Arabella was born.

We managed the labour on no pain relief – only a tiny bit of gas and air during the middle but I gave up on using it at the end and concentrated on breathing and focussing my mind.

Hypnobirthing kept me calm and centred through the whole labour and Edward was an amazing support!! It was a team effort!

 Ed has made maximum use of his dad antenatal lessons from you Рso far he has confidently approached all tasks including nappies, bathing and changing!

We look forward to introducing you soon

Emma and Edward X

Congratulations Emma and Ed,

So delighted for you both.

A 6 hour first labour is truly amazing..and I am so happy that you are a great team. Never any doubt there!

Look after each other, and when all the babies are here, we will all meet up. Can’t wait,

Annie xx