Marnie is here!

Hi Annie,

Marnie Hazel Tattersall arrived on 1st June at midday. 10lb 12oz! Pic attached.

I went into labour on 30th May and Marnie was born by emergency c section after 36 and half hours.

I was still able to use my hypnobirthing to stay calm and in control throughout everything, have sensible conversations with midwives and nurses and accept that a c section was for the best in the end. I am SO SO pleased that I can say I had a positive birth experience despite it being the complete opposite to what we had planned. I don’t know how many people would say an ecs was positive for them but I can honestly say for me it was not a traumatic or negative experience.

Some lovely comments from the midwives and doctors that took care of me:

“I’ve never seen anyone in labour so calm”

“You were so calm, even in theatre”

“You seem very calm!” (coming from the doctor that did the c section)

and lastly:

“You are a very special lady for carrying such a large baby” This one actually makes me a bit emotional as I had no idea how large she was and i’m really proud that I carried her for 9 months and gave birthing her naturally such a good go!

Thank you for everything Annie, you’ve been such a wonderful support to James and I. I’m waxing lyrical about hypnobirthing to everyone that will listen!

Toria x

Hello Toria, James and beautiful Marnie!

Massive congratulations to you all. 

Toria and James you are a FAB team. I am so happy that you could ” go with the flow” and have the right birth for you all at the right time. keeping calm and being in control and being rational is a huge deal and you both have been truly magnificent .

TO have a positive birth experience, feeling proud, satisfied and fulfilled is really what Hypnobirthing is all about. To have your long labour with a back to back baby, plus a baby that is large and to use all your calm and surge breathing is really wonderful.

I am SO proud of both of you. Toria, for being so calm and chilled out, and James for being truly present and for being Toria’s Rock. Well done. You are indeed a very special couple. 

SO happy for you both. Annie xx