Summer Parents.

Can’t believe how long ago it seems since I took this photo. Then it was high summer and the nights were long and drawn out. Now it is so dark and I have my woodburner lit. Today I would like to officially welcome, in order of appearance;

  • Ruby,

  • Ophelia,

  • Olivia Tilly and Hugo Oliver

  • and little Olivia who arrived on 30th October after a “beautiful and quick birth”.

So I am happy that my summer HypnoBirthing® group have all got their babies in their arms.
So many positive wonderful birth stories.
So many chilled out babies.
Lots of newborn photographs for me!!!!
There is a coffee morning rendez-vous in the offing when I will be baking and having lots of newborn baby cuddles.
Emily will be visiting with all her up to date knowledge as a baby wearing consultant.Watch this space.
Think I have the ♥ BEST ♥ job in the whole wide world!!!!

Lots of CONGRATULATIONS to you all.  Axxx.