Our Beautiful Son!!

Dear Annie,

I am so pleased to announce that our beautiful son Harrison (Harry) Reuben Harper was born at 4:59 this morning, weighing 6lb 12oz.

I had a 5 hour labour and only took 17 minutes to breath (although I did end up pushing!) him out.

The hypnobirthing truly helped me stay calm and once my waters broke at 8:15pm, using my breathing, relaxation and Pete’s light touch massage it only took until midnight to get me into established labour.

The midwife couldn’t believe it and said everyone should do hypnobirthing and that our antenatal room was her sanctuary because we were so calm.

The midwife who helped me birth Harrison couldn’t believe how quick we were and said she would tell everyone to try hypnobirthing!

Pete was amazing and completely wonderful, helping me through, using the birth prompts, keeping everything calm, making sure the midwife understood our hypnobirthing needs.

But I want to thank you for your wonderful classes and Wednesday. I would recommend hypnobirthing to everyone. Until I was in labour I didn’t fully understand how the breathing would help me to cope and keep me calm, but it worked wonders. I only needed gas and air!

I can’t quite believe it’s actually happened and we have our beautiful little boy here!   

I’m really looking forward to introducing him to you, he is quite the cutie pie!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

With lots of love,

Lucy, Pete and Harrison xxx

Lots and loss of congratulations on the safe and speedy arrival of your beautiful little boy.

I am SO thrilled for you both, and beyond proud that all your breathing and relaxation paid off. Pete you are my hero for being truly present…and Lucy, thank you for coming to see me on Wednesday. when you left, I felt so sure that your birth experience would be pretty magical.