“Our Pride and Joy”

Our little son was born @ 11.34pm.22.2.12

 We  welcomed our little son into the world with a very beautiful (and very quick) labour and delivery. He was born at 11.34 pm on the 22nd  February, after a 5 hour labour weighing 6lbs 13oz.  The Midwife Hannah and HCA Sheila were fantastic……we couldn’t have asked for better.

Our little boy was alert and after a little cry was so contented. The first few days were a beautiful haze of getting to know each other. 
Heather, Hannah and Sheila all said it was the nicest delivery they had attended and Hannah wants to do it herself when she has children. I am so pleased to be part of this movement!

Annie, we cannot thank you enough. The luckiest thing that has happened was meeting you and being able to do the course…….I don’t know what made your fingers work quicker than your head that day that you agreed to run the course but I am very thankful!

We look forward to seeing you again and showing you our pride and joy.

With overwhelming thanks,

Kate and  Graeme  x