Over the moon!!!

Hi Annie,

 We did it! Olivia Tilly and Hugo Oliver were born on 10th October at 3.32 and   3.50 a.m.  

  Weighing in at a healthy 6lb 3oz and 6lb 7oz. We are overjoyed by their arrival and I am so proud of Amber,

I am not only blessed with beautiful children but an incredible wife.

 Thank you for your support to all of us and especially your arrival at the birthing …….. really felt like an Angel had entered the room.

 Love from all of us x

I am so proud of you all. All your commitment to the course and all the practising that you have been doing. Along with the foot massages and relaxation, you have every reason to be so proud of yourselves, and of each other. 

Thank you to my fantastic colleagues who are utterly professional and just so skilled in their chosen vocation.

Can’t stop smiling!!!!!     Anniexxx