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How do parents find me??Well, midwives recommend me…plus;

Word of mouth. Thank you everyone. Word of mouth is priceless. It really is worth all the tea in China!!! Plus I am so delighted that so many of you come from far and wide to join my classes. Also I have parents coming back for their second and third babies. Love keeping it in the family!

Read what all these HypnoBirthing® couples and their Midwives have said.

Pretty Emotional. That’s how I felt when we had our coffee morning catch up. Not all of the girls could make it, so we are going to have a champagne walk in the park when the weather becomes warmer, when we will all be there.That is for you Francesca!!!XXX

Such a strong connection between us all. Delightful to catch up and hear about their births. All different of course. And so positive. Looking at their radiant faces, these mothers were so confident and so happy to be meeting up at my house. We all had shared a very special time together and it was wonderful to be able to meet up and really talk. These moments are like gold dust and they will truly be treasured for ever.

And their babies? All little girls. Beatrice , Grace, Willow and Ava Rose. So calm and content and I will miss you all. Thank you for coming. Love Annie xxx

Pretty Emotional


I just wanted to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful course over the last five weeks. You have totally taken the fear out of giving birth (and believe me I was very frightened) and made me excited about my labour and totally empowered. Not only that, but I have learned so much about the science behind pregnancy and birth, and that knowledge have left me with and sense of strength and understanding that I know will help me through the labour.

Your kindness, warmth and positivity has made the course all the more wonderful; I will recommend it to anyone I meet that is expecting.

I look forward to the refresher course in February and genuinely can’t wait to putting everything I’ve learned into practice.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Holly, Kris, Bernadette and bump xx


Myabsolute pleasure. Annie xx

Best job in the World!

Hi Annie,

I hope you are well, I have just left Laura and Grace in Bridgnorth hospital. Birth went extremely well at the Wrekin ward, Laura was so strong and confident.  Grace weighed 7lbs 5, born at 14:01pm. On 14.10.14. She has lots of hair!!!!!!
Please see attached a few pictures, one real early on and a few last night.
Thank you so much for all of your help, your hypnobirthing classes changed Laura’s outlook on birth and life, it was no longer a scary daunting event, it became something she looked forward to and was excited to give birth. You helped make it a wonderful experience. Allowing her to enjoy giving birth to our little bundle of joy is the best gift we could of wished for!! Thank you so much. Dan.

Many congratulations, Laura and Dan. Am over the moon for you both. Annie xxx

Grace Iris has arrived!!

Lots of congratulations go to Ricky and Francesca who had a such a wonderful positive birth experience.

A calm and relaxing birth, at home, using hypnobirthing.

A great birth.

A greatsupportive partner.

Invaluable breathing techniques.

Life is sweet!!!


So happy for you both. Thank you for coming to my classes.We will miss you at the hypnobirthing refresher session tonight!!! But we all understand you have a prior engagement!! Annie xxx


Ava-Rose has arrived!!

This is what Rachael said,

“I breathed through each contraction with an ohm and not a single distressed tone!!

I’m so happy and proud of myself!!

It was a breeze”.

Not only that, Rachael’s partner was fantastic -

“He was amazing! He was my painkiller”.


That’s why I love running HypnoBirthing sessions. Partners working together and embracing having a baby…and that’s why all you guys are SOOOO important.Not only is HypnoBirthing great for your baby – it brings couples closer together.

Rupert and Rachael, Welcome little Oliver, born on Monday 18th August at 1.48 am. C.o.n.g.r.a.t.u.l.a.t.i.o.n.s.!!!!Am beyond proud. Annie xx

10lbs on the dot….

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