Some kind words …

How do parents find me??Well, midwives recommend me…plus;

Word of mouth. Thank you everyone. Word of mouth is priceless. It really is worth all the tea in China!!! Plus I am so delighted that so many of you come from far and wide to join my classes. Also I have parents coming back for their second and third babies. Love keeping it in the family!


Dearest Annie,

You will be thrilled to know that we welcomed Rosie into the world on her due date @ 4.45 am weighing 7lbs 6oz.

She is so beautiful, and we can’t thank you enough because our birth experience was so much better and so different this time.

The birth was actually powerful, emotional and magical.

As a result, I feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally in the aftermath.

 I know it was really a dream. Over so quickly and such an easier time recovering in every way, all because of such an ‘easy comfortable birth’. I genuinely found most of it enjoyable.

We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and support. I couldn’t have done it without you,

Catherine, Jack, Ralph and Rosie xxx

Lots and lots of congratulations on the perfect birth of Rosie.

Over the moon for you both as you had a beautiful birth.

Thank you for the photos and book Jack- love your babies in the same blanket! Annie xx


Rosie is here.

We would like introduce you to our beautiful baby boy, Reuben, who arrived on 31st January at the Princess Royal, weighing a bonnie 8.4lb. He’s is doing so well and growing by the minute!

His birth was truly beautiful, we had a lovely midwife who totally ‘got’ Hypnobirthing and was part of our little team!

Upon arrival at hospital Jonathan set about making the room into a mini spa with tea lights, my mood board, music, blankets and table of snacks! Our mood board was admired by everyone, even the registrar! We still have it in our bedroom now!

The hours literally melted together for me, I felt like we’d only been there an hour or two whereas we’d been several…and with my Hypnobirthing breathing and relaxation techniques, some gentle massage, a warm bath and my husbands amazing support and love (and some gas and air) my established labour was approximately 6 hours.

I felt like such a champion! 

What a way for Reuben to be born suffused with all your love and endorphins.

Katrina, I know how much it meant to you to have a different birth experience from when your daughter was born, and for that I am jumping for joy.

I am sure no one would believe you had just had a baby Katrina. you both look so radiant and glowing- yay!!

…and the photo of Reuben, well, I have to say I would know that you practised hypnobirthing, as his pose is so typical of a cool, chilled out and calm baby.

Congratulations, Love Annie xx

Reuben has arrived.

Hi Annie, Betty and I thought we’d let you know that Eddie entered the world yesterday at 3:47am, only 1 day over the due date.

Bet was amazing and managed to birth him with no pain relief whatsoever despite him weighing a whopping 9lb!!

Thank you so much for all your help, we look forward to meeting up soon so you get to meet the newest member of our family.

Fiona, Betty and Eddie…and then I received this Thank you card which made me want to dance…

The sweetest words were;

“Birth was an amazing experience and to say it was all pain relief free feels like a miracle”.


Such wonderful news!Massive congratulations to you both.

So happy for you all. Loved meeting Eddie and seeing how well you are all doing. Annie xx 

Yay! Eddie is here.

So… me and Lloyd are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful baby boy, Ezra Joseph David Steele. Born on 5th September at 2.36am, weighing 6lbs 5oz.

Our midwife Anita was amazing and so supportive of my hypnobirth. I could not have asked for a better midwife or birthing partner than those two.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing such an amazing course. I would say that it was life changing and a moment that neither of us will forget.

No words can describe the empowerment I felt from bringing my son into the world in such a calm way.

I am so pleased to say that hypnobirthing gave me the confidence and strength to do what was needed and I think the pride I feel will stay with me forever. It started my journey as a mum and a parent in the calmest, most relaxed way possible and thanks to the Hypnobirthing I was able to bring my son into the world with peace and free of anxiety.

I strongly believe that people can have a successful hypnobirth even with complicated births because I now understand that it is about the state of mind and relaxation that the mother feels. I love telling people my birth story as it was like nothing I could have imagined and hope to encourage others to use you to make their experience as wonderful as ours.

Thank you for everything,

We all look forward to seeing you soon,

Lydia, Lloyd and Ezra

Ezra has had the perfect start to life and who could ask for more? I am so proud of you both.Having a baby is truly amazing and you will always remember this special day.Anniexx

Yay-Ezra is here!!

Hi Annie, we’d like to introduce you to baby Jacob, born on his due date on Thursday night, weighing in at 7lb 11oz.

Jacob was born in the pool at PRH with Laura needing only gas and air to help with his delivery. We have no doubt that the techniques we learned with you helped Laura go so long without needing anything and also with her rhythm when she was on the gas and air.

Our midwife said she wished she had a student with her to witness how Laura coped, which I think speaks volumes.

It was also nice to see how interested the midwives were in hypnobirthing; the mood board was of particular interest.

Jacob is a very content little boy who has already stolen our hearts.

Thank you so much for all your help in preparing us for this adventure.

See you for the reunion!

Laura, Dave & Jacob Burrows xxx

Dear Dave , Laura and Jacob-oohh such wonderful words!

Lots and lots of congratulations on the wonderful birth of your son.

I am SO proud of you both!!

A massive Well Done!! All I do is set the scene.

I love the photo of Jacob-he is so beautiful No wonder he has stolen your hearts.

Take each day slowly and just breathe Jacob in.

When all the babies are here we will catch up,

So happy for you!!

Annie xxx

Jacob is here!

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