Some kind words …

How do parents find me??Well, midwives recommend me…plus;

Word of mouth. Thank you everyone. Word of mouth is priceless. It really is worth all the tea in China!!! Plus I am so delighted that so many of you come from far and wide to join my classes. Also I have parents coming back for their second and third babies. Love keeping it in the family!


This is the message I woke up to find on my Shropshire Hypnobirthing F/b page;

” Ida Beatrice Martha Seager arrived last night Annie at 03.46.

4 hour labour, at home and in water.

Thank you for being such an amazing Hypnobirthing practitioner and giving us the knowledge and skills to have our second perfect birth.

It happened just like you said it would!!

Esme was thrilled to find out this morning that she is now a big sister!!

Tom and Leonie xxx

Massive congratulations to you all-beyond thrilled!!! Annie xxx

Ida is here!!

Hi Annie,

I’m so pleased to let you know that our gorgeous baby Hector Griff was born at 5.14am on the 29th December weighing 9lbs 5oz.

It was honestly the most amazing birth, I used my hypnobirthing right the way through, even for delivery!! The midwife said she’d never seen anything like it! All thanks to you and the confidence you gave me.

Picture attached of little one!

We’ll bring him to see you soon if that’s ok!

Thanks again for everything and a very Happy New Year!

Drum Roll for Hector!!

Hi Annie

Have been meaning to let you know that peanut arrived on 20/12/16 @ 7:07am, weighing 7lb 13. Peanut is now known as Maisie Catherine  and is doing really well.

 Everything you taught us meant I managed to keep calm through it all.

We have a small gift for you to say thank you and wondered if we could pop it into you sometime over the weekend.

Also thank you ever so much for her beautiful vest you gave us!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

All the best

Nikki, Andy & Maisie

Lots and lots of congratulations to you both! So proud of you! Maisie is beautiful and you are doing so well. Looking forward to having a cuddle very soon. Annie xxx

Beautiful Maisie.

Hey Annie

So… we had a little boy!! He was born on 23/11 at 1:31am in the midwife led unit at Maelor.

A lovely birth – 10:15pm we were out for a walk to get established labour going, arrived at Maelor 11:15ish 6cm dilated, straight into the birthing pool, and he arrived 2 hours later! 8lb4oz.

Harris came to collect him at 7am and we were straight home.


Thanks again for all your guidance. Two lovely boys.Robyn and Owen.

Yay! Two little boys . How wonderful. Lots of congratulations!!!! So happy for you Axx

Harris has a Brother!!

Good Morning Annie,

Eleanor Daisy Mather arrived this morning at 0222, 9lbs 9oz. 4 hour 20 minute labour.

No pain relief. Hypnobirthing got me through, and James was an absolute superstar.


This is our only family picture I have at the moment including blue our dog.

Ps. James has been amazing as you predicted he would be!

Regards Claire X

Thrilled to bits for you both!! Congratulations!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!! Annie xx

Tah Dah!! Drum Roll for Eleanor Daisy!!

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