Some kind words …

How do parents find me??Well, midwives recommend me…plus;

Word of mouth. Thank you everyone. Word of mouth is priceless. It really is worth all the tea in China!!! Plus I am so delighted that so many of you come from far and wide to join my classes. Also I have parents coming back for their second and third babies. Love keeping it in the family!


We just wanted to let you know that Olivia Heather Crann arrived into the world on 6/12/16 at 16.47 7lb 3.

My labour was an hour and a half.

 Olivia is a very content little baby and I’m sure it’s down to the birth.I achieved what I wanted and that was no pethidine, I can’t believe i did it.

Thank you for everything

Lots of love xxx

Oohh Laura and Dan- such wonderful news!!!

Lots of congratulations!

Thrilled for you all.

Well Done Laura!!!!

Annie xxx

Gracie has a sister called Olivia!!

Glen and I are delighted to introduce you to our little boy; Sennen Lucas Lovelock was born on Tues 21st June at 19:40, weighing 6lbs 15oz. 

He is an adorable, bright, calm and cuddly little chap and of course we are very proud parents!

Our birth story…

Despite all of these changes to the original preferences, Glen and I agreed from the outset to use your Hypnobirthing advice and principles wherever possible throughout the process, wherever it took us. This proved incredibly helpful. Glen and I felt like a great team too- he truly was and is my rock.

We’d like to thank you most sincerely for our hypnobirthing classes, also the refresher and Glen’s Daddy class; all were so valuable and have helped us on our journey to bring our little one into the world and now in looking after him. 

Best wishes,

Katie – & Glen & Sennen


And the latest photo after a family outing;

Hi Katie, Glen and Sennen!!!

Lots and lots of congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful little boy

Well done Katie for remaining calm…and well done Glen for truly being present. A real dream team!! Can’t wait to catch up with you. Annie xx

Sennen is here!!

Hi Annie,

We wanted to thank you for all of your help and share with you the wonderful news of the safe and peaceful arrival of baby Ayda Grace Dawson.  Baby Ayda arrived at 8:07 on the 8/7, weighing 7.12. As you can see from the picture, Laura, Ayda and Chloe are all well and Chloe is loving her new role as a big sister.

 Laura did incredible with the hypnobirthing, she stuck to the breathing techniques you showed us throughout and although she had pain relief, she continued with the techniques we had practiced and it was amazing to watch.

I’m sure that we told you about the rather indifferent experience of labour with our first child, this experience was at completely the opposite end of the scale.

When it came to the actual birth, there was no pushing, no screams, just calm breathing and baby Ayda came into the world thanks to the calm birth breathing techniques you showed us. Ayda was with us within two surges and I was one incredibly proud husband, watching such an incredible achievement from my beautiful wife. The midwives present looked shocked at how easy Laura made it look. Whenever I think of the birth, it brings a tear to my eye and fills me with so pride of our accomplishment.

Ayda is such a peaceful baby and barely makes a sound. She has been with us 3 days now and has hardly cried at all.

We feel incredibly lucky and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks again,

Andy, Laura, Chloe and Ayda

Hello Laura, Andy, Chloe and Ayda Grace!!

Masive congratulations to you both on the tranquil arrival of your daughter.

I am beyond happy for you. Axx

Welcoming Ayda.

Hi Annie

Just to let you know we welcomed Arabella Olivia Grace Thomas on the 23 June.

After a speedy 6 hour labour – partly in the pool at the MLU, Arabella was born.

We managed the labour on no pain relief – only a tiny bit of gas and air during the middle but I gave up on using it at the end and concentrated on breathing and focussing my mind.

Hypnobirthing kept me calm and centred through the whole labour and Edward was an amazing support!! It was a team effort!

 Ed has made maximum use of his dad antenatal lessons from you – so far he has confidently approached all tasks including nappies, bathing and changing!

We look forward to introducing you soon

Emma and Edward X

Congratulations Emma and Ed,

So delighted for you both.

A 6 hour first labour is truly amazing..and I am so happy that you are a great team. Never any doubt there!

Look after each other, and when all the babies are here, we will all meet up. Can’t wait,

Annie xx


Makes you want to smile all day.

Hi Annie,

Marnie Hazel Tattersall arrived on 1st June at midday. 10lb 12oz! Pic attached.

I went into labour on 30th May and Marnie was born by emergency c section after 36 and half hours.

I was still able to use my hypnobirthing to stay calm and in control throughout everything, have sensible conversations with midwives and nurses and accept that a c section was for the best in the end. I am SO SO pleased that I can say I had a positive birth experience despite it being the complete opposite to what we had planned. I don’t know how many people would say an ecs was positive for them but I can honestly say for me it was not a traumatic or negative experience.

Some lovely comments from the midwives and doctors that took care of me:

“I’ve never seen anyone in labour so calm”

“You were so calm, even in theatre”

“You seem very calm!” (coming from the doctor that did the c section)

and lastly:

“You are a very special lady for carrying such a large baby” This one actually makes me a bit emotional as I had no idea how large she was and i’m really proud that I carried her for 9 months and gave birthing her naturally such a good go!

Thank you for everything Annie, you’ve been such a wonderful support to James and I. I’m waxing lyrical about hypnobirthing to everyone that will listen!

Toria x

Hello Toria, James and beautiful Marnie!

Massive congratulations to you all. 

Toria and James you are a FAB team. I am so happy that you could ” go with the flow” and have the right birth for you all at the right time. keeping calm and being in control and being rational is a huge deal and you both have been truly magnificent .

TO have a positive birth experience, feeling proud, satisfied and fulfilled is really what Hypnobirthing is all about. To have your long labour with a back to back baby, plus a baby that is large and to use all your calm and surge breathing is really wonderful.

I am SO proud of both of you. Toria, for being so calm and chilled out, and James for being truly present and for being Toria’s Rock. Well done. You are indeed a very special couple. 

SO happy for you both. Annie xx





Marnie is here!

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