Penny has arrived!

Hi Annie!

Me and Dan would like to introduce to you our little chunk…

 I had my baby GIRL on 1st January at 17:46 weighing 7lb 12 (37+5 days).

 My relaxation and hypnobirthing worked a treat.  

 The midwives loved my mood board and the smells of lavender and how calm I was. The midwife came into me and said how the doctors were hanging around to give me an epidural and actually said to my midwife “does this hypnobirthing really work?!” That made me laugh!! :) From membrane to birth it took 9hrs 6 mins. My little girl did not cry, she was very content and still is.

We have named her Penelope Rachel Ruby. Penny for short :)

Lots of love,

Rachel, Daniel and Penelope


Such an amazing labour!…..and short!!!!!!!

Yay- Hypnobirthing works! ….and now the Drs know too !

Love the photos…just beautiful.

I am sending you all a hug and your mum too.

It was so delightful meeting you all. Annie xxx