Pretty Emotional

Pretty Emotional. That’s how I felt when we had our coffee morning catch up. Not all of the girls could make it, so we are going to have a champagne walk in the park when the weather becomes warmer, when we will all be there.That is for you Francesca!!!XXX

Such a strong connection between us all. Delightful to catch up and hear about their births. All different of course. And so positive. Looking at their radiant faces, these mothers were so confident and so happy to be meeting up at my house. We all had shared a very special time together and it was wonderful to be able to meet up and really talk. These moments are like gold dust and they will truly be treasured for ever.

And their babies? All little girls. Beatrice , Grace, Willow and Ava Rose. So calm and content and I will miss you all. Thank you for coming. Love Annie xxx

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