Reuben has arrived.

We would like introduce you to our beautiful baby boy, Reuben, who arrived on 31st January at the Princess Royal, weighing a bonnie 8.4lb. He’s is doing so well and growing by the minute!

His birth was truly beautiful, we had a lovely midwife who totally ‘got’ Hypnobirthing and was part of our little team!

Upon arrival at hospital Jonathan set about making the room into a mini spa with tea lights, my mood board, music, blankets and table of snacks! Our mood board was admired by everyone, even the registrar! We still have it in our bedroom now!

The hours literally melted together for me, I felt like we’d only been there an hour or two whereas we’d been several…and with my Hypnobirthing breathing and relaxation techniques, some gentle massage, a warm bath and my husbands amazing support and love (and some gas and air) my established labour was approximately 6 hours.

I felt like such a champion! 

What a way for Reuben to be born suffused with all your love and endorphins.

Katrina, I know how much it meant to you to have a different birth experience from when your daughter was born, and for that I am jumping for joy.

I am sure no one would believe you had just had a baby Katrina. you both look so radiant and glowing- yay!!

…and the photo of Reuben, well, I have to say I would know that you practised hypnobirthing, as his pose is so typical of a cool, chilled out and calm baby.

Congratulations, Love Annie xx