Ta dah!!!

Eleanor Ruth Kay was born on Wednesday 2nd September at 15.48 weighing 10lb 6oz.

Paul was absolutely amazing; cool, calm and confident. He was able to keep me focused and in the zone when they tried to induce me. Even the midwife commented on how calm we were and she’d commented to her colleagues that she didn’t need to do anything! The consultant who delivered her in theatre also commented on how calm and ‘stoical’ I was. I just kept calm breathing!

Even though the overall birthing experience wasn’t what I had envisaged, it was still an overall positive experience due to the hypnobirthing keeping me calm.

We are getting on well as a little family and looking forward to meeting up in a few weeks when I’m a bit more mobile. We will return the birthing ball and book then, if that’s ok? If not, let me know and I’ll send Paul with them.

Look forward to seeing you soon (pics below),


Amy, Paul and Eleanor xxx

P.S. The Dad classes really paid off! Everyone who is having their first child should definitely do one! Paul is a top and tailing, nappy changing pro!


Lots and lots of congratulations!!!

Am thrilled to bits for you both!!

Your little girl is beyond ♥ beautiful ♥ and you must be bursting with pride. Annie xx