The Ultimate Distraction.

They say “New House, New baby”, and certainly this adage seems to be very true. Time and time again, I hear of precision timing. Moving into the house one day. Setting up the birth pool the following day. Removal boxes not unpacked. Curtains being hung in between surges.

What a great way to have a baby!!

She said that the birth pool was fantastic and that the HypnoBirthing® techniques were invaluable to both of them. Also she remarked that although the midwives had brought analgesia with them, she neither wanted nor needed any pain relief.Then very kindly, she thanked me for teaching the HypnoBirthing® course in such a wonderful manner.


My lovely International friends, I am bowled over by your e.mail, and by your total commitment to the course and for driving so far each week, no matter how dreadful the weather was. Your birth was perfect, and I am thrilled to bits for you.

Lots of Congratulations, Anniexxx