Welcome Clementine

Dear Annie,

I’m delighted to let you know that Clementine was born at 7.11pm on 23.12.18. The birth was perfect! I had a wonderful midwife who dimmed the lights, offered encouragement and largely left me to it. She examined me on arrival and monitored baby’s heartbeat, but otherwise, she let me breath through my contractions and give birth without intervention.

Isn’t it amazing how our bodies know what to do?!

I birthed her without any form of pain relief, just your well taught techniques, and I couldn’t be happier.

She was born without tears, and promptly fell asleep calmly in my arms. Completely perfect. Active labour for about 3 hours. Thank you SOOOO much, Annie. We all adore her already and here are some pictures of little Clemmie.

Love, Heidi xx


Yesterday, I received your lovely note and beautiful photo of Clementine.

Your words are truly beautiful and very moving.

Thank you. I will treasure your letter.

Clementine is so pretty

All I do is set the scene.

Everything is down to you..and Team Heidi…and your baby…and your wonderful supportive midwife.

Together you worked in perfect harmony to have a magical birth…and your three little girls will grow up filled with excitement if they have babies too.

Love Annie xx