Welcoming Ayda.

Hi Annie,

We wanted to thank you for all of your help and share with you the wonderful news of the safe and peaceful arrival of baby Ayda Grace Dawson.  Baby Ayda arrived at 8:07 on the 8/7, weighing 7.12. As you can see from the picture, Laura, Ayda and Chloe are all well and Chloe is loving her new role as a big sister.

 Laura did incredible with the hypnobirthing, she stuck to the breathing techniques you showed us throughout and although she had pain relief, she continued with the techniques we had practiced and it was amazing to watch.

I’m sure that we told you about the rather indifferent experience of labour with our first child, this experience was at completely the opposite end of the scale.

When it came to the actual birth, there was no pushing, no screams, just calm breathing and baby Ayda came into the world thanks to the calm birth breathing techniques you showed us. Ayda was with us within two surges and I was one incredibly proud husband, watching such an incredible achievement from my beautiful wife. The midwives present looked shocked at how easy Laura made it look. Whenever I think of the birth, it brings a tear to my eye and fills me with so pride of our accomplishment.

Ayda is such a peaceful baby and barely makes a sound. She has been with us 3 days now and has hardly cried at all.

We feel incredibly lucky and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks again,

Andy, Laura, Chloe and Ayda

Hello Laura, Andy, Chloe and Ayda Grace!!

Masive congratulations to you both on the tranquil arrival of your daughter.

I am beyond happy for you. Axx