Yay. Annabel is here!!

Hi Annie,

Some wonderful news for you…..

Baby Annabel Amanda Hulme was born Friday afternoon at 1.30 weighing 8lb 6oz
She’s absolutley gorgeous and we are having fun being a family of four.
Evelyn has lots of kisses and cuddles for her little sister.

How funny, all baby girls in our group again! (I think secretly you had your suspicions)

A huge huge thank you again to you and your Hypnobirthing classes which ensured we had a calm, intervention free, wonderful labour.

It was a really lovely and straightforward birth, arriving at Telford just before 11am, Annabel was born just over a couple of hours later.
Geoff was amazing, not like he would ever be anything different. He helped me breath through each surge, using prompts and reassuring words to keep me relaxed and believing in myself that ‘I can do this’.

You are an amazing teacher Annie, and we feel so thankful for everything you taught us.
We will send a picture to you soon.

Lots of love,
Sian, Geoff, Evelyn and Annabel x x x


Thank you so much for coming to my classes second time around. Massive congrats. Can’t wait to catch up and meet Annabel. Annie xx