Marvellous men.

Often it’s the women who decide to come to HypnoBirthing® classes, because they want the reassurance that they will be in control when they have their baby. Often men pay for the classes , because this seems to be the way of the world, and also men want what is best for their wives and girlfriends…and after all ultimately it is the woman who is having the baby – so really the mama is the one calling the shots here.

Firstly, let me reassure you that as a midwife with decades of experience, combined with my HypnoBirthing® knowledge,I am in a very priviledged position  to be able to run these Hypnobirthing classes.

Many years ago, purely by chance, I was asked to run antenatal classes at the maternity unit to stand in for a colleague who was off sick…as the weeks went by, I realised I loved taking these classes…fast forward many years, and I discovered that I was becoming more and more interested in the breathing and relaxation aspect of these classes.This led me to become a HypnoBirthing ®Practitioner……

….Remember the day your partner told you she was “late”…or the day when your partner told you she was “busting” out of her tops….or the day when your partner said that she felt a “tickley feeling” in her tum?….from that very day your baby was 1 million% real to your other half…

For the papas too, of course you know you are having a baby. You know that.. You can see the miraculous scan pictures, and you can feel your baby’s movements…but for the papas….for the papas..the true reality is when your baby is placed in your arms. When you hold your son or daughter for the very first time, the world stops still. The room is so quiet…and then you can feel the lump in the papa’s throat…and when you look you can see the tears silently falling.

                                   The miracle of life.


Don’t you want to be prepared for this day? Do you want the opportunity to make a difference in the way your baby is born?

 So chaps…what are you really paying for….just some breathing classes??

 Absolutely not….

Is HypnoBirthing® just a load of hocus-pocus??

 Absolutely not….

Have a read of what some of my HypnoBirthing® papas have said..

“I feel confident about becoming a parent”

“I feel focused and relaxed when looking forward to meeting my baby”

” Understanding the process and the reasoning behind HypnoBirthing® is so beneficial”

“ HypnoBirthing® is all about focusing on the positives, rather than overcoming hurdles”

“HypnoBirthing® is all about focusing on becoming parents - not just the birth”

“I can’t wait to be a Dad”


So chaps – what’s in it for you??


  •      You will understand why HypnoBirthing® is so good for you, your partner…and your baby
  •      You will be so prepared for when your baby arrives.
  •      You will be very involved in the HypnoBirthing® experience.
  •      You will be shown how to relax your partner,making the birth easier.
  •      You will be able to flood your partner’s body with endorphins (the body’s natural relaxant and painkillers).
  •     You will form a very special bond with your baby even before your baby arrives
  •     You will realise what a wonderful papa you will be.


There is only ever a small group in the HypnoBirthing® classes – which means that you get to talk to the other men – which in turn is very reassuring to know that you are all in the same boat together.

The venue is very welcoming, and “The Garden Room” itself  has such a peaceful ambience.

By the end of the 1st session,when  the papas realise how powerful HypnoBirthing is, they embrace the philosophy, knowing that HypnoBirthing® will allow their partner to have the best birth for them.

 Win Win situation don’t you think?

So  chaps…what are you waiting for –Let’s have some role reversal -  surprise your other half and book onto a HypnoBirthing® course. If you are not sure when to come ,just get in touch.


Am looking forward to hearing from you…Annie.







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