A question…

I want to find out more about people. I realise that training courses enrich and open up the mind. But, looking around, I began to wonder. Who looks after the trainers? Or the mentors? Or the counsellors? Everyone benefits from debriefing and a calmness of the mind.

  • Supervision helps.
  • Relaxation is very beneficial.
  • Talking to colleagues is very important.

This inner conversation had been going on for a while now, and having worked pretty non stop for all of my working career I had decided to step down a notch and start to have some down time just for me. First to go is scrolling through social media channels. All very newsworthy, but also so very time consuming.

To whom am I actually talking ?

Old school friends who want to see what I am up to? Long lost relatives who want to see what I am doing? Not sure really, so I have decided for the time being to almost close this door, so that I can free up my life to connect with people I can hug and have a coffee with, and spend a fun afternoon. As some parents do contact me through F/B, I do check this daily, but I don’t have alerts and my phone is usually in my handbag, or in my car, or else I have to phone my phone to see where I have left it.

Do I miss the connections?

In all honesty, no. I realise businesses thrive with social media avenues, but I am confident that word of mouth is my best business promoter, and after all these years, my name is well known for HypnoBirthing© and Fertility Awareness in Shropshire.

So, I went to the seaside for the day. I didn’t take my bucket and spade, instead I went for a long walk along the sandy beach to the next town along the coast, and then caught the small train back to where I had started from. The station I got off was a request stop. Learning from past experiences, I decided to alight a stop earlier as you have to  make your intent to get off very obvious.It has been known on very busy trains for the guard not to quite see your intent.

Just saying.

Sitting on the wall that runs beside the sea, I sat for a while and started to look at all the boats within the harbour. A rather smart motor boat caught my eye – looks powerful and very sleek. Wonder what it is called I thought.


My goodness. Talk about synchronicity. The name of the boat?

“Go with the Flow.”

So enamoured, I took a photo. Have a look .

What do you think?

Fitted my frame of mind perfectly. So now I am going with the flow and feel totally peaceful and calm with all the recent decisions that I have made. Oh yes, definitely Going with the Flow.Feel calm and very much in tune with my work/life balance.

Life is sweet.

Now taking bookings for the next HypnoBirthing© course. Space for up to 5 couples.Truly a good decision. Can’t wait to meet you. Annie xx