Armchair HypnoBirthing…..

 Have you noticed that there are a lot of ads,  for HypnoBirthing® books, and CDs, so that you can DIY HypnoBirthing®? Thinking about this, I began to wonder, what exactly is the point of paying to join a HypnoBirthing® course- when you can learn all the techniques from your armchair?

HypnoBirthing for pregnancy and childbirth Marie Mongan

Chairside HypnoBirthing

In no particular order, this is my conclusion why it is so beneficial to enrol on a HypnoBirthing® course :

  • you have the experience and knowledge of the HypnoBirthing® Practitioner
  • who can offer you ongoing support throughout your pregnancy
  • and who will give you comprehensive class handouts each week.
  • Plus you get demos – so that you can then practice the techniques
  • and then you recap each week
  • and there is plenty of time for questions..
  • Also you can try out the birthing balls

It’s fun being with other couples who are all in the same boat. As the weeks progress, a real sense of camraderie prevails. Having a baby is very exciting, and isn’t it reassuring to talk to other people who are going through the same experience as you? Some couples wish to come and collect the HypnoBirthing® book and cds prior to the start date. Very useful if time is ticking on, and pregnancy is racing along. Doubly beneficial as we get to introduce ourselves before the “opening night”. I like that,  as I can take the couple to “The Garden Room”. It’s a calm room where time seems to have no meaning. Perhaps  it’s because this room is not overlooked, or maybe it’s the outlook – fields and hills – very tranquil.

Other benefits include :

  • enjoying the group dynamics and laughing a lot.
  • socalising around the tea bar with peppermint tea and chocolate biscuits.
  • having chocolate brownies on the last session if the cook has been feeling inspirational.
  • drawing on the flip chart if you are feeling artistic – ( tends to be the already papas).
  • experiencing a chill out time – very relaxing.
  • realising that the man is just as important as his partner.

You can also chose to have a 1 to 1 course, where all the time is totally your time…or you could arrange to have a semi-private class whereby 2 couples book together, making dates and timings more flexible…or maybe you would prefer to join a small group, (only up to 4 couples). It’s up to you. What ever you decide, you will be absolutely brimming with excitement about having your baby by the end of the course.


  • you watch inspirational dvds showing couples using HypnoBirthing® techniques,
  • which as well as being fascinating,
  • promotes a lot of discussion,
  • and makes it visually easier to relate to all the practice that you will be doing.

At the end of one HypnoBirthing® course, as a couple were leaving, they turned to me and said,

“  We  have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and  have learnt so much more than from any other antenatal class we have been to. We feel so lucky that we  made the decision to come on the course. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every woman and man could experience HypnoBirthing®, as we feel it was just so amazing. “

Thank you guys – you are so right -  I totally agree with you.

 To find out more – get in touch, by calling 01743 861235 – I’ve got lots of time to talk. Alternatively you can e.mail me.

HypnoBirthing ®really does make a difference in the way you have your baby.



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