Happy Hens

Living away from the hustle and bustle of city life, I see green fields,  trees and sheep. Silence all around. Morning coffee is taken on the swing seat – just contemplating nature. Some days I cycle round the back lanes where you rarely meet any cars. Across the fields from me,  within spitting distance of each other live two very enterprising ladies. Both work from home. Both have started up and established their own businesses. From scratch.

Ursula turned her hobby of making delisssh fruitcakes laced with brandy into a viable business. Let me share these mouth watering words with you.

” Slow baked in the aga for 12 hours, fed with brandy over the 4 weeks maturation time, then individually hand decorated with a selection of fruit and nuts, and brushed with an apricot and brandy glaze

These cakes have been known to make grown men who don’t even like fruit cake to change their minds…Plus a coveted gold star from the Guild of Fine Food has been awarded for these brandy fruit cakes.

Check out this website – don’t you just love the photographs? You can pretty much taste the cakes just by these piccies.


Great news is you can order these cakes on line – or you can sample and buy the goods at  The Ludlow Food Festival ,

9th – 11th September.

Up the lane lives mama of two Vicky. You may have heard of Vicky –  she runs the “Yoga for Pregnancy” classes locally. I am very impressed by her business cards – unpretensious and colourful. Now Vicky is diversifying and is now also offering seasonal floral bouquets. If you live nearby you can collect  – otherwise the flowers will be delivered to your door. Listen to this..

“We grow our flowers naturally the organic way, pollinated by our own bees, and fertilised by our happy hens”

Don’t you want flowers homemade by busy bees and happy hens?

Visit www.thenaturalflowercompany.co.uk

Both these women typify the HypnoBirthing® premise..How so you may ask…

Just as Ursula and Vicky have their total committment and beliefs in their business, so it is with HypnoBirthing.®

These businesses are not casual – there has been a lot of in depth preparation. Vicky and Ursula – I applaud you! It is the same with HypnoBirthing – you don’t just give it a go on The Day – there will have been a lot of practice, so that when the time comes, all the relaxation and breathing that you have been doing will seem like second nature.

With HypnoBirthing® you don’t just “Have a go”…rather you “Do” HypnoBirthing ®-acquiring the  tools so  that HypnoBirthing® will change the way you have your baby…and having the confidence to trust in your body. HypnoBirthing® prepares your mind and your body for when your baby arrives. By the end of the 1st session I know that you will be glad you decided to join a HypnoBirthing® course. Allow me to share my knowledge with you.

Come into the country side where happy hens roam and enjoy your HypnoBirthing® classes in tranquil surroundings.

Phone for a chat . I am a good listener.

Tel 01743 861235







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