I have been a midwife all my working life and have truly been “with women” throughout all the stages of pregnancy, in the birth room and in the postnatal period.I can guide you through all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth and the post partum period. Unlike other sessions offered, my skills and knowledge are integral to the way I run my classes, as I always draw on my experiences working at The Royal Shrewsbury Maternity Hospital. I have the Advanced Diploma in Midwifery and am also a  nurse, having trained at The London Hospital. My background is perfect for offering these antenatal classes as I have the professional qualifications and experience, having been Prospect trained in leading antenatal classes. I have and continue to go on many relevant courses so that I am up to date and well informed. I am well established  and also the the most experienced  Hypnobirthing® and antenatal teacher in Shropshire, having run these classes for many years. I have also trained twice in hypnobirthing, just to see the difference in other hypnobirthing courses. I have also attended training in hypnosis at The Royal Society of Medicine in London and regularly attend supervision sessions. The hypnosis training really underpins my Hypnobirthing®  knowledge.

I have also trained in Hypnofertility® and will be offering relaxation sessions for anyone who currently is experiencing fertility issues.

  So why come to my classes? Whether you are making a baby, having a baby, or caring for your baby or babies, I believe I truly have the background and relevant credentials that will be of maximum benefit to you.

For almost a decade I have run the antenatal classes and waterbirth classes in the local maternity units, plus I run my own private business offering Labour, waterbirth and ” Baby  Practicality” sessions in the tranquillity of my own home. These were set up to offer a very personal and memorable experience.

All my HypnoBirthing®, antenatal and relaxation sessions are  very unique, not only because of the huge benefit to all attending, but also because the venue is rather special.

A  500 year old farmhouse situated in a small hamlet just outside Shrewsbury.The Hypnobirthing Studio is delightful, having lots of comfy sofas and overlooks a peaceful garden and rolling hills.

When you have your refreshments you can stroll round the garden, sit on the swing seat, or visit the rotating summerhouse.Truly a home from home environment. Lots of refreshments and if I am feeling inspired, home made cakes!


Lots of Grandmas in waiting come to my sessions, and they often bring a cake too!!



 When I was training to be a midwife, I remember buying an inspirational book from a second hand book stall. The name of the book?” Childbirth with out Fear” by an obstetrician called Dr Grantley Dick Read.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and at that time, I never knew that I would specialise in antenatal education and then go on to enhance my knowledge by becoming a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, using the very same copy of ” Childbirth with out Fear” in my first session.

Definitely meant to be!!!



HypnoBirthing® cannot promise you the perfect birth, no-one can, but it can allow you to have the best birth for you.